Temporary Fence Hire

ReadyFence Adelaide is leading the market when it comes to our “Standard Welded Mesh “ temporary fencing product.

Whether you need to secure a large scale civil site or fence off a house block this is the product for you !

Our system uses a plastic water filled base that  weighs approx 20kg, it is strong, neat and safe (given that its “safety Yellow”). It weighs much less than our competitors “concrete filled” blocks and together with our welded mesh panels (2.5m wide x 1.8m high) they have the following advantages

  • The base is a complete plastic container so the bottom will not scratch or mark the surface you are sitting it on.
  • It weighs up to 18kg less than some other products so can be moved easily and safely if need be.
  • All bases are safety yellow
  • The Panels are made here in Adelaide and have the perfect balance of strength  and weight
  • The Fence looks attractive and will make your site look professional and Secure.

Optional Extras include with “Standard Temporary Fencing” include:

  • Shade Cloth
  • Barbed Wire
  • Dog Bars
  • Pest Mesh

READY FENCE ADELAIDE 18 First Street Wingfield, South Australia 5013 ph 8244 6688 email sales@rfa.net.au